XORMON is being developed by XORUX.


XORUX s.r.o.
Babice 271, 251 01
Czech Republic


Phone: 00420 731 435 744

TAX informations

ID: 021 32 907
VAT: CZ02132907

The company is registered by Prague Municipal Court in the Commercial Register, Section C, No. 215803


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About us

Our vision is to bring to market simple but powerful products which simplify administration.

Philosophy of our tools is:

  • To provide information that an administrator is looking for in 2 or 3 clicks.
  • To keep our tools running with minimal administration effort, they are here to make your live easier not to bring you more work!

We do not intend to compete with big complex tools that aim to do "everything". Those can still be used as second-level admin tools to find required details.
Our tools should act as first-level tools that administrators can use to look for specific information or quickly identify problems.