Server disk versus Storage volume mapping

There is implemented mapping of directly SAN attached volumes to servers (VMs).
At each VM with SAN mapped volumes you can find a new tab callec "Mapping" which contains a table with list of attached volumes.
By clicking on a volume name you are directed to storage volume performance statistics.

  • LPAR2RRD 7.x
  • LPAR2RRD OS agent 7.x installed on LPAR/VM.
  • STOR2RRD 7.x
It is supported on:
  • Linux
  • AIX (not all storages are supported yet)
  • VMware datastore (XorMon v0.9.9+)

AIX example

Byl clik on a volume name or pool name you get directly to volume or pool stats on the storage:
Xormon linking

VMware example

Xormon linking